West Highland White


The West Highland White Terrier was originally bred in Scotland for hunting and ratting. They are a big dog in a little package.

They are independent, fun and affectionate dogs. If you are looking for an busy addition to your family or household, this could be the perfect breed for you.

They need plenty of exercise so as long as you have an active life and time to play outdoors and take them on a good daily walk, they are a fantastic addition to your active family. They can cope quite well to apartment living and as long as all their exercise needs are met and given plenty of playtime.

They are make great affectionate family pets, they are not suitable for families with young children as they have their limits to being pulled around. They are very playful so they will spend hours running around with older children playing endless games with them.

They are not the greatest of watchdogs but will soon alert you to people at the door but once inside people will usually be treated as new friends. They just love people so don’t expect any good guarding activities.

They should be OK with other dogs but they may be better as the only dog in the household, you might want to avoid two males together. Cats and small animals may be OK with if brought up in the same household. They will normally chase neighbourhood cats with delight!

They are intelligent and fairly easy to train but, they are stubborn and independent so you might want to discover what their motivation reward is early on to make the best progress. They prefer fun and playful training rather than being harsh or forceful. They can be barky so training them to be quiet on command will help both you and your neighbours.

They are moderate shedders, more in Spring and Autumn, at least weekly brushing will control the hairs. You will probably want to get  them professional clipped or trimmed unless you want to do it yourself.

West Highland White Stats

The West Highland White Terrier or ‘Westie’ as they are affectionately known, is a member of the small group of Scottish National Breeds that includes the Scottish Terrier and also the Cairn, from which the Westie originated. Until the early 19th century Terriers tended to be dark in colour and it was not uncommon for hunters to mistake a brown terrier for a fox and shoot it by mistake.

  • Weight -8kg –10kg
  • Size – 25cm – 28cm
  • They live for 12-16 years

Best Trait – Sturdy

Worst Trait – Can be barky

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