Siberian Husky


The Siberian Husky is a beautiful dog with a thick coat. Originally bred for speed and stamina, this not a good dog for first time owner, you get a lot of dog for your money.

They are athletic, intelligent and independent dogs. If you are looking for an active addition to your family or household, this could be the perfect breed for you.

Working dogs need a lot of exercise and this guy is no different. They need plenty of exercise and playtime. They could make the perfect jogging partner, this is not a breed for couch potatoes, and you will need to be able to commit to long walks and endless games to keep them happy. This is not a suitable apartment dog.

Remember a bored dog will usually become a mischievous dog, whether it be nuisance barking, chewing or digging. Try to make sure they are occupied with jobs, playtime or plenty of exercise to keep them out of trouble.

They are peaceful living and generally run around and play with other dogs. Cats and other small animals should be avoided. Small animals and neighbourhood cats however, will likely still be chased. They are escape artists, you must make sure they cannot escape from your garden as they have been known to kill cats and livestock.

They are great all round dogs, they love being with you and your family. They are fantastic and gentle with children of all ages. They love strangers, just friends they haven’t met yet! If you are looking for a good watch dog, you need to keep on looking, this breed will more likely lick them to death.

They are intelligent dogs but can be very headstrong, you will need to discover their motivation reward early on to get the best out of them. You will need to use consistency and assert yourself as top dog early on to get them to listen to you, then you will have a lovely well trained companion for life. You probably won’t be able to let them off the lead as their independence means they will be gone in a flash.

They have thick coats that require at least weekly brushing to keep the hairs under control. They are moderate shedders, worse during Spring and Autumn.

They love to howl and bark so if you choose this breed you may get some complaints.

Siberian Husky Stats

At the basin of the Kolyma River at the foothills of the Cherski mountains, one of the tribes, the Chukchi people, went on to develop the Siberian Husky. These dogs were developed to meet the requirements of their specific needs. The required specific confirmation of this dog was to provide speed and endurance over great distances, therefore kilo for kilo the Siberian Husky would be one of the strongest draft dogs.

  • Weight -20kg –28kg
  • Size – 46cm – 56cm
  • They live for 10-12 years

Best Trait – Intelligent

Worst Trait – Howling

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