The Schnoodle is a popular hybrid dog, the cross of a Poodle and a Schnauzer. The idea was to get the Poodles eagerness to please and the sturdiness of a Schnauzer. With all crossbreeds, you can never really be sure which traits of each breed they will have and there are always lots of inconsistencies.

The are smart, active and just adorable. If you are looking for a lapdog, family dog or even a therapy dog, you may have found your perfect breed.

They need plenty of exercise so as long as you have an active life and time to play outdoors and take them on a good daily walk, they are a fantastic addition to your active family. They are very adaptable they could even cope with apartment living and as long as all their exercise needs are met however, they would probably be happier with a garden to romp around in.  Remember a bored dog will usually become a mischievous dog, whether it be nuisance barking, chewing or digging. Try to make sure they are occupied with jobs, playtime or plenty of exercise to keep them out of trouble.

They love to be with you and your family but tend to bond more with one special person. They are fantastic with children, they are very boisterous when they are young and have boundless energy. They will run around with older kids all day in the garden. They love to snuggle with you and will normally love being a lapdog. They are prone to weight gain so you will need to keep an eye on their tit-bits.

They make great watchdogs and you will always know about who is at the door and anything suspicious or exciting going on outside. As with most terriers they can be a little barky so you may to make sure you train them to be quiet on command. They are un-trusting of strangers and as with most dogs will need good socialisation to combat this.

They should be OK with other dogs but they may be better as the only dog in the household, you might want to avoid two males together. Cats may be OK with if brought up with them. They are part terrier so they will normally chase neighbourhood cats with delight and they are quick, make sure they can’t escape from your garden.

They are intelligent and fairly easy to train but they are stubborn and independent so you might want to discover what their motivation reward is early on to make the best progress. They prefer fun and playful training rather than being harsh or forceful.

They shed very little hair but it does require clipping which would normally be done by a professional every few months, this of course makes it more expensive but you could learn to do it yourself. As with all designer breeds coats can vary in every litter, there are no real guarantees on the amount of shedding you will have. Regular brushing will always help.

People might say they are a hypoallergenic breed, but keep in mind that there’s no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog. All dogs shed dander and saliva, which carry allergens.

Schnoodle Stats

A schnoodle is a domestic dog. It is a cross between a schnauzer and a poodle

  • Weight -9kg –35kg
  • Size – 34cm – 66cm
  • They live for 10-12 years

Best Trait – Fun

Worst Trait – Barking

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