Personalised Dog Collars with Name


Dogs can’t tell strangers where they live; it’s up to you to be their voice.

The UK is known worldwide as a nation of dog lovers, in fact we own a estimated 8.5 million dogs! Figures show that 102,000 are picked up as strays every year that’s 279 dogs per day.

Why does my Dog need a ID Tag?

dog wearing judge`s robe and holding a gavel in mouth isolated on white background

It’s The Law – Avoid a fine.

It is an offence under the Control of Dogs Order 1992 for a dog to be in a public place without a collar and tag with the owner’s name and address on it, even when the owner is in charge of the dog. If your dog does not have a collar or tag, you can be prosecuted and fined up to £5,000.


Your dog must be wearing appropriate ID unless:

  • Dogs on official duty for the armed forces.
  • HM Customs and Excise or police.
  • Sport dogs and packs of hounds.
  • dogs used for capturing or destroying vermin.
  • dogs used for driving/tending cattle or sheep.
  • Guide dogs for the blind.
  • Dogs used for emergency rescue work.

You only get 7 days to get them back

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, local councils to treat all unaccompanied dogs on public land as strays, regardless of whether they are wearing a collar and disc or have been microchipped. The council must seize such dogs and if they cannot be returned immediately to their owner they must be taken to the council stray pounds where they are held for a mandatory period of 7 days. After the 7-day period, the dog legally becomes the property of the kennels and the kennels can either re-home the dog to a new owner, keep the dog at the kennels or, following veterinary advice, put the dog to sleep.

Microchipping Law

Identifying microchip at vets
Identifying microchip

New law this year (April 2016) brings into force the new Microchipping law. The fine will be £500 if you do not comply with orders to get your dog microchipped.

This is to help combat dogs that attack but also over run council run pounds, that will be able to easily find the dog owners, to be reunited quickly.

 Do I need a Dog ID collar if my dog is Microchipped?

Yes under UK law even if your dog is chipped, it is still your responsibility to have a collar or tag with your name and address, unfortunately just being microchipped is not enough.

My dog never runs off?

Never say never! Dog’s can be unpredictable, maybe a friend or dog sitter is walking your dog for you, maybe you are in a strange place and they get confused, maybe they jump out of the car when you park up, or you are involved in accident and they run off. There are so many reasons how the unthinkable can happen, just make sure you give your dog the best chance of being reunited both quickly and with the least amount of stress for both you and your best friend.

That Annoying Jingle Jangle

Blank Pet Dog Tag
ID Dog Tag

The current metal dangling ID tags are very popular and are mostly made from metal. They usually have the dog’s/owner’s detail etched on them. They are a great way to find out about the dog if you can get close for a peek, they are usually small to fit a dog’s collar with .


They also have some risks associated with them:

  • Crate: It occurs when the identification tags get stuck in the bars of the crate.
  • Branches/Bushes: While most dogs love romping through the woods, branches can easily snag the tag, either losing the tag or trapping the dog.
  • Heating/Cooling air vents: The hanging identification tags can get stuck in air vents, and while the dog struggles, they ends up doing more harm than good.

They also emit a rather annoying jingle – jangle where ever your dog goes, which may not only drive you crazy but also wake you up at night or set the neighbours dogs off.

They can also be easily lost and etched versions will normally fade or rub off over time. Meaning you will have to replace them throughout their lives.

I was walking to the shop today and saw a little terrier mix sniffing around on the street as I passed, I looked around and saw nobody but knew a few older people do let their dogs wander a little. So after hesitating I carried on – we live on a quiet cul-de-sac so I wasn’t overly worried.
Anyway on my way back I was going past the local park and there was the little terrier still on his own, he must have crossed at least 3 roads to get there so this time I wasn’t about to let him carry on wandering as he must have gotten out. I always have dog treats in my pocket so followed him and with a little help of 2 other dog walkers we managed to grab him and call the mobile number on his collar.
His owner was very very pleased to get his dog back as he had gotten out when a service person left the door open, but if that information had not been on the dog it could have been a very different story.

Personalised Reunite Dog Collar’s

Dog-tagDogs can’t tell strangers where they live; it’s up to you to be their voice.

Losing an adventurous, curious, nervous or naughty dog can be heart-breaking and frightening. Searching for them can be a heart wrenching nightmare. Make sure you can be reunited with your dog as quickly as possible. Your dog will be just as panicked as you, make sure you do everything to safe guard getting them back as quickly as possible and seeing that wagging tail pronto!

To comply with UK law you MUST have both your name, address and postcode on the collar.

The collars can be completely personalised, with the dogs name, your contact details.

By adding your mobile number means you can be contacted immediately even if you are out frantically searching for your dog.

  • No tag/collar info = 10% chance of a good human helping.
  • Tag/collar info > 100% chance of a good human helping.

” Put it on my dog the day arrived. Later that day he took off in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. Frantically, I began searching. Had a phone call from a young man who found him in his garden over 2 miles away! My dog is microchipped, but this is as quick a response as anyone could hope for! “

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