Norwegian Elkhound


The  Norwegian Elkhound looks like a mini wolf and is very beautiful. Originally bred to hunt Moose and big game animals, they are not hounds though and not bred to hunt elk either.

They are loyal, sweet and great guardians. They are a very active breed so if you are looking for a running companion or a addition to your active family, you may have found your perfect breed.

Working dogs need a lot of exercise and this guy is no different. They need plenty of exercise and playtime. They could make the perfect jogging partner, this is not a breed for couch potatoes, and you will need to be able to commit to long walks and endless games to keep them happy. You could maybe have this dog in an apartment, but you would need to commit to be very active and they would probably be happier with a garden to romp around in.

They are affectionate family dogs, who love being with an active family. They are great with older kids but do have their limits to being pulled around so, this breed is best avoided if you have younger children.

They can be little untrusting of strangers so, you will want to make sure they socilaise early on to combat this. They make excellent watchdogs and guardians and will alert you to all incoming dangers and people at the door. They will protect you and your family to the bitter end, they are barkers not biter, you will need to be a confident trainer to get them to be silent on command.

They should be OK with other dogs but they may be better as the only dog in the household, you might want to avoid two males together. Cats may be OK with if brought up with them. They were bred to hunt so they will normally chase neighbourhood cats with delight, you need to make sure they can’t escape from your garden.

They are intelligent dogs but can be very headstrong, you will need to discover their motivation reward early on to get the best out of them. You will need to use consistency and assert yourself as top dog early on to get them to listen to you, then you will have a lovely well trained companion for life. They may be difficult to let of the lead as they are independent and will likely ignore you if there’s something to chase.

They have double coats and are heavy shedders, they will replace their coats (blowing) 2-3 times per year. You will need to brush them at least weekly to keep the hairs under control.

Norwegian Elkhound Stats

About the middle of the 19th Century a man known as ‘Doggy’ Lawrence was breeding small red terriers (about 4kg) that he sold mainly to Cambridge undergraduates. It is believed these dogs were the foundation of what are now known as Norwich and Norfolk Terriers.

  • Weight -6kg –7kg
  • Size – 25cm – 26cm
  • They live for 13-15 years

Best Trait – Look like mini wolves

Worst Trait – Barking

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