Miniature Pinscher


The Miniature Pinscher or the Min Pins were originally bred in Germany to hunt rats in stables and homes, although they look like a small Doberman, they are a older and distinct breed all of their own.

They might look a little small but they are muscular and sturdy as well as being fearless, energetic and elegant dogs. If you are looking for a sweet lapdog or a companion dog for you and your family you may have found your perfect breed.

They need plenty of exercise so as long as you have an energetic lifestyle and time to play outdoors and take them on a good daily walk, they are a fantastic addition to your active family. They can cope quite well to apartment living and as long as all their exercise needs are met and given plenty of playtime. They love to bark though so consider your neighbours if you live in an apartment.

They love their families and being with people. They are not suitable for families with young children as they have their limits to being pulled around. They are very playful so with older children and those used to being around dogs, they will play endless games running around the garden with them. They always love to snuggle, being small and having short hair they are determined to be a lapdog.

They make great watchdogs and you will always know about who is at the door and anything suspicious or exciting going on outside. They are un-trusting of strangers and as with most dogs, they will need good socialisation to combat this.

They should be OK with other dogs, cats and small animals if brought up in the same household. They can be dominant with strange dogs. They were bred to hunt small animals so they will normally chase neighbourhood cats with delight and they are quick, make sure they can’t escape from your garden.

They are fairly intelligent and reasonably easy to train. These are willful little dogs, you will need to establish yourself as top dog early on, then you will have a lovely well trained companion for life. Try to keep training both interesting and fun for the best results and avoid being harsh with them, identifying their motivation reward early. They think they know best in most situations and difficult to let off the lead without excellent training.

Their hair is low maintenance, its short and they shed lightly all year round,  they tend to shed worse during autumn and spring as they change their coats. Weekly brushing will be enough to keep it under control.

Miniature Pinscher Stats

The Min Pin (as it is affectionately called) originated in Germany and has been documented since the early 1800s, more formally so since 1895 with the formation of the German Pinscher Club. Evidence of the breed dates to the 15th Century and it was formerly known as the Red Pinscher that refers to the ‘small red deer’, found in the German forest. They were originally bred as stable dogs to eradicate rats and mice.

  • Weight -7kg –8kg
  • Size – 25cm – 31cm
  • They live for 10-14 years

Best Trait – Great watchdog

Worst Trait –  Difficult to house-train

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