Irish/Red Setter


The Red and White Irish Setter, the white setter’s nearly became extinct when breeders only bred from the red variety. They were bred to hunt birds and set on them until the hunter would through a net over them, hence the name setter.

They are loyal, reliable and full of life. If you are looking for an running companion or agility class partner for your active family, you could have found your perfect breed.

Gun dogs need a lot of exercise and this guy is no different. They need plenty of walks and playtime. They could make the perfect jogging partner, this is not a breed for couch potatoes, and you will need to be able to commit to long walks and endless games to keep them happy. This is not a suitable apartment dog.

They stay puppy like until at least three, this can be adorable or annoying, you choose! They make great playful and affectionate family pets. They are not suitable for families with young children as they are very bouncy and enjoy energetic play. With older children and those used to being around dogs, they will play endless games running around the garden with them. They do not cope well with being left alone and are prone to suffering from separation anxiety, they are not dogs for people who work full time.

They are not the greatest of watchdogs but will soon alert you to people at the door. They can be a little wary of strangers and slightly timid, with good socialisation you should be able to curve this. They will be friendly with them, once accepted into the house.

They should be fine with other dogs and cats if brought up with them. They are hunters so the instinctive need to chase neighbours cats and small animals is probably too strong to control. Make sure your outside area is well enclosed and they can’t escape when giving chase.

They are intelligent and reasonably easy to train. You will want to establish yourself as top dog early on, then you will have a lovely well trained companion for life. Try to keep training both interesting and fun for the best results and avoid being harsh with them, identifying their motivation reward early will get you the best results and it’s normally food. They have excellent memories which is great for learning but not good for bad habits.

They have medium length silky coats which require weekly brushing at least to keep it in good condition.

Irish/Red Setter Stats

The origin of the Irish Setter is not known, although it is believed that it evolved from a combination of land spaniels. These were imported to Ireland from Spain when the Spaniards helped the Irish in their rebellion against the British. It should be noted that this breed (which was established as early as 1800) was not originally a solid colour, but a combination of red and white.

  • Weight -24kg –32kg
  • Size – 58cm – 70cm
  • They live for 10-14 years

Best Trait –  Puppy-like for a long time

Worst Trait – Needs lots of exercise

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