German Shepherd Dog

They are heavy shedders, particularly around spring and autumn, you will need to give them a daily or at least a weekly brush to keep the hairs under control.

The German

The German Shepherd Dog is also known as the Alsatian in the UK and parts of Europe, from a time when the word German wasn’t popular.

They are very intelligent, natural guardians and devoted dogs.  If you are looking for an active and smart addition to your family or household, this could be the perfect breed for you.


They need plenty of exercise and playtime, they could make the perfect jogging partner, this is not a breed for couch potatoes, you will need to be able to commit to long walks and endless games to keep them happy. They could possibly cope with apartment living but they would be happier with a garden to romp around in.

They are very intelligent and active, as well as meeting their exercise needs, you will need to make sure they are mentally stimulated. Remember a bored dog will usually become a mischievous dog, whether it be nuisance barking, chewing or digging. Try to make sure they are occupied with jobs, playtime or plenty of exercise to keep them out of trouble.


They are great all round dogs, they love being with you and your family, fantastic and gentle with children of all ages. They will run around the garden for hours playing with older children.


They are excellent watchdogs and guardians, this maybe something not to encourage as their size alone makes them very intimidating. If anybody messes with their families, these guys will defend you to the bitter end. They can be un-trusting of strangers, to combat this you will need to make sure you give them plenty of opportunity to socialise.

Other Animals

They should be OK with other dogs but they may be better as the only dog in the household, you might want to avoid two males together. Cats may be OK. They will normally chase neighbourhood cats with delight and they are fast and powerful, make sure they can’t escape from your garden.


They are intelligent dogs but can be headstrong, you will need to discover their motivation reward early on to get the best out of them. You will need to use consistency and assert yourself as top dog early on to get them to listen to you, then you will have a lovely well trained companion for life.


They shed heavily, particularly around spring and autumn, you will need to give them a daily or at least a weekly brush to keep the hairs under control.

German Shepherd Stats

The German Shepherd did not exist prior to 1899. The founder of the breed, Captain Max von Stephanitz, bred the dogs to work. This is still a priority with many breeders today, coupled with the need for a sound body, along with the trusted and loyal temperament that makes the German Shepherd such an ideal companion.

  • Weight -25kg –40kg
  • Size – 55cm – 68cm
  • They live for 8-12 years

Best Trait – Guardian

Worst Trait – Heavy Shedding