Free LED Dog Light

Alfie with his LED dog collar light

Dog Safety at Night

Now the evenings are drawing in, the clocks will be changing next month, the heating will be going on and thick jackets out and at the ready!

When you walk your dog after work or early morning, you will want to make sure they are safe and you can see them at all times as well as helping other walkers, cyclists and drivers see your dog more easily.

You need make sure you are aware that one of your major senses, sight, is seriously impaired, not just for yourself but for your dog too.

Safety at Night

Your 3 main concerns should be yourself, your dog, and those around you.

Think light and bright


This is the easy part, carry a torch or headlight so you can pick up poop easily. Wear a bright coat, ideally one with reflectors.

Your Dog

You are more likely to lose your dog in the dark and there are lots of things available to help you find them more easily.

Reflective collars and leads. You can buy leads, collars and coats in bright colours, if your dog has a coat,, consider putting reflective strips, these will be important if you are walking near busy roads as they show up better in car headlights.
LED lights. In the past few years LED technology has improved dramatically, lights are now lighter, brighter and batteries last so much longer. Flashing lights catch the eye better than constant light, many cyclists use the flashing lights as these catch peoples eye easily.
LED collars can make it much easier to find your four-legged friend in the dark.
The clip on ones can be used and they have replacement batteries , so you can keep lit up for longer.

Consider your Location

A lighted street is a different proposition to a dark footpath and you need to plan accordingly.

Free Light

Dog’s have better night vision than people in very low light situations. This is because they have a special structure in the back of their eyes that reflects more light to the retina. They are fine to see us but just so you can keep them insight, why not add a FREE dog light to your order this month?

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Check out Alfie in action wearing the multi-coloured version