Why do dogs die in hot cars?

Car ride on road in sunny weather, motion blur

Dogs die in hot cars

We all know that you shouldn’t leave your dog in a hot car but, we still see it happening, people just don’t realise how quickly it can become unbearable for the dogs inside the car. Breeds differ on how well they can cope with heat. A Greyhound with short hair would obviously cope much better than a shaggy Old English Sheepdog.

Short muzzled dogs have problems cooling down air and suffer in hot conditions, you are better off leaving them at home where it is safe than risking their health by leaving them in a hot car.

Car heat Chart

Check out the following chart and you can see how quickly a car gets hot in as little as 30 minutes.


Check out the following chart and you can see how quickly a car, even in 21 degrees the inside of the car would be an unbearable 40 degrees in as little as 30 minutes. Remember leaving the window open or in the shade has very little effect on the inside temperature of the car.

If you do see a distressed dog a car phone 999 and report it to the police. If you feel the dog is suffering badly and you cannot wait for the police to arrive, make sure you take a picture of the situation and you have some witnesses, otherwise you might end up facing criminal damage charges.


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