Which dog breed is right for me quiz?

There are so many different breeds and they have been bred and developed for specific reasons, some for hunting, some for retrieving and some for guarding. Many of the breeds are no longer used for these purposes but, many still have these breed traits and that can effect how they behave and react in certain situations.

Breed Groups

Terriers were mainly bred to hunt small animals, they are usually small so they could get down holes to chase animals out. Most terriers still have their chasing instincts and they needed to be independent to be good at this job, so this can make them difficult to train and listen to you.

Hounds have amazing scents and love nothing more to get their noses to the floor, this can make them difficult to let of the lead, because as soon as they get a good scent, they will be become command deaf!

Sight-hounds can see a small animal across a large field, this will mean they be difficult to trust off the lead, as for instance an Afghan Hound can run faster then a horse, so you will have your work cut out trying to catch them.

Herders love to herd, they just can’t help it, but when herding they will often nip to get the animals to move, this can translate into herders trying to herd your local kids and cats. They will normally cover a lot of ground when working, some collies up to 50 miles a day – can you commit to keeping them active enough?

Companion dogs just want to be with you at all times, this is not always possible if you have other commitments or work. Lot’s of companion dogs suffer with separation anxiety, so is it fair to leave them on their own all day?

One thing is certain all dogs become part of your family and household and it never seems the same without a waggy tail to greet you at the door. I often wonder if maybe there would be less shelter dogs in shelters,  if people decided on a suitable breed on traits rather than looks?

This quiz asks 20 lifestyle questions and points will be awarded for each answer, to give you an idea of which breed you may not of considered could be a good choice for you.

Every single dog has a different personality, by getting a pedigree dog, you do expect them to have the common traits of the breed but, of course this isn’t always the case and there are always exceptions to the rule.

The designer crossbreeds are hugely popular, they could have traits from either breed so they generally have more inconsistencies in temperament and coats, even throughout one litter.



The quiz does allow different outcomes so please do more then once to find out and I hope it gives a breed you hadn’t considered or maybe it picks the exact breed you have been considering!