Collie is originally from Scotland bred as a herding dog. They are sensitive and loyal dogs, well known for their ability to seemingly read minds and was made popular by the books and TV show Lassie.

They are still very good herding dogs but they can make for great family pets. They are totally devoted to their owners and family, gentle and sweet with children, they love to play around but are clam and sensible dogs. They can also cope with being left for short periods as long as they get a good daily walk. Remember a bored dog is a unhappy, barking and destructive dog so make sure they aren’t left out in the Garden or alone for long periods.

They are a little mis-trusting of strangers so you will want to make sure they socilaise early on to combat this. They make excellent watchdogs and will alert you to all incoming dangers and people at the door. They have been known to bark excessively if left alone for too long so consider this, if you live in a quiet neighbourhood.

Collies can live well with other pets, especially those brought up with, cats and small animals in the home should be fine, however the herding instincts are still strong so they may chase or herd neighbours cats or kids.

They are very sensitive and intelligent dogs, you will need to identify their reward motivation early for the best results. With sensitive dogs be sure to keep the training fun and interesting, don’t treat them harshly or forcefully, they make sulk or hide from you.

They have long coats so they do require care. They shed a little all the time and their under coats once or twice a year and taking around two to four weeks, during this time the shedding is excessive. During the rest of the year they will require at least weekly brushing, they do however still shed all year round.

Collie Dog Stats

The Collie first appeared along the border areas of Northern England and Scotland and is thought to have been introduced by the Roman invaders many years ago. The origin of the name ‘Collie’ is said to be derived from the word ‘coally’, as earlier Collies were predominantly black and white.

In the 1950s television series Lassie, you knew that the Collie would come to the rescue, whether Timmy was trapped in an abandoned mine or had fallen into a well. After all, the star of this long-running show wasn’t just any dog. She was Lassie, a Collie dog.

  • Size – 46cm –61cm
  • Weight –22kg –35kg
  • They live for 12-14 years

Best Trait – Devoted

Worst Trait – Shedding

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