Chinese Crested


The Chinese Crested is a fine small dog and have tow varieties, hairless and the powerpuff – with hair, both can actually come from the same litter. The hairless types must be kept hairless, if their hair grows out, it actually becomes an irritant.

They are elegant dogs, but not everybody’s choice for cuteness. They are sensitive, playful  and needy dogs, they want to be with you or someone at all times.  They make for great flat or apartment dogs.

They are great family dogs but will usually bond with one person slightly more. They are quiet dogs but they will be gentle and sweet with older children, they do have their limits so you might want to avoid this breed if you have younger children. This breed is very likely to suffer from separation anxiety do not get this dog if you will be leaving them for long periods.

They great in hot climates and even barely drink according to their owners, however they have zero tolerance for cold weather.

They are couch potatoes, if you fancy a lie in, these guys won’t mind and will happily snooze with you for hours. They even make good pets for less active invalid or elderly people as they really don’t have high exercise needs, however they will still always enjoy a short walk.

They are little but they are escape artist and you will be amazed at the fences they can climb. They are also surprisingly fast to avoid capture. they can even do well at agility classes.

They are ok watchdogs will usually alert you to suspicious activities but aren’t known to be excessive barkers. They are a little un-trusting of strangers, so make sure you socialise them early to avoid this.

They are fairly intelligent and easy to train, they can be willful so you will need to identify their reward motivation early for the best results. non-neutered males seem to be inclined to marking, so either try to get a bitch or get them neutered as soon as possible. Some owners also complain they are difficult to house train.

They shed very little all year round, they do require regular bathing as the hairless variety have sensitive skin and can be prone to acne.

Chinese Crested Dog Stats

The Chinese Crested Dog has been known in China since the 13th Century, where it was developed during the Hang Dynasty into the two types seen today. These are the fine, elegant ‘deer’ type and the heavier boned ‘cobby’ type. The hairless vary in degree of coat from no body hair to those having a fine down similar to that found on a human arm,

  • Size – 23cm –33cm
  • Weight –3.5kg –6kg
  • They live for 10-12 years

Best Trait – They will stalk you

Worst Trait – Surprising escape artists

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