Bull Terrier


The Bull Terrier is an active, friendly and sweet breed. A clown of the dog world and known as the big kids as they stay very playful even into late maturity.

They are part of the Bull breeds and share some their characteristics being fun loving and sweet. They love nothing more than to be with their family and are gentle and brilliant with children, because of this, they don’t like being left for long periods. This breed could adapt to living in a flat or apartment as long as they had plenty of walks and playtime and they tend not to be nuisance barkers or howlers.

They need plenty of exercise and usually love their food so you will have to commit to good at least daily walks and plenty of endless fetching games to keep them active and happy. A bored Bull is usually a naughty or destructive one.

They are very friendly with strangers so maybe they are not the best watchdogs, they will usually alert you to people at the door.

Bulls were originally bred for fighting so although they are OK with other dogs, they are normally best kept as the only dog and keep an eye on them around dogs of the same sex. It would be best to avoid small animals and cats if you are keeping these, very likely you won’t have to worry about neighbours cats in your garden either.

They are intelligent so they are easy to train, however you will need to make sure you discover their motivation reward early on to get the best results. The breed is strong willed so keep training fun and short and make sure you are consistent, if you give the opportunity to take over, they will happily.

They shed a medium amount all year round, you will need to brush them daily or at least weekly to keep the hairs under control


Bull Terrier Dog Stats

The Bull Terrier is known as the gladiator of the canine race and is one of the oldest terrier breeds native to England. The Bull Terrier was originally bred for combat with dogs and other animals, a sport that was permissible in England in the 1800s.

If you remember the late 1980s, you probably recall the Budweiser commercials featuring a Bull Terrier named Spuds Mackenzie, whose sly grin and on-screen antics turned the breed into a pop icon.

  • Size – 30cm –38cm
  • Weight – 16kg – 22kg
  • They live for 8-10 years

Best Trait – Playful

Worst Trait – Destructive when bored

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