The Bullmastiff is a fearless, loyal and loving dog. Bred to protect but to be lovable at other times. They are not for the faint-hearted, although they are very large dogs, they have very large hearts as well.

A lot of large dogs don’t need a lot of exercise and the Bullmastiff is no different, short walks and plenty of playtime is enough for this brute. They can live quite happily in a flat or apartment as long as you have enough room.

They are a powerhouse, it will take a brave burglar to break in with guy is around! They aren’t known for nuisance barking but they will keep watch for you and alert you to incoming dangers.  They are normally a bit standoffish with strangers and guests but good socialisation will help with them being more friendly.

They are fantastic with children and make great family pets. They are usually OK with other cats and small animals if brought up with them. They should be OK around other dogs but can be aggressive with those of the same sex as, you wouldn’t want to have to break a fight up with a dog of this size.

They are independent thinkers and stubborn so, its important to find their motivation reward early on to get the best results. They are big so you will need to establish yourself as the top dog early on to to avoid them thinking they can run things. Puppies are normally a lot of work but keep up with consistency and you will end up with a confident and trustworthy companion for life.

They have low maintence short hair and they shed moderately, weekly brushing will be enough to keep the hairs under control. They are big droolers, you need to have a towel around at all times.

Bullmastiff Dog Stats

n 1901, a Mr. Burton of Thorneywood Kennels challenged a group of spectators at a dog show to take on the task of escaping a muzzled dog he had brought with him, the prize being one pound — a large sum of money at the time. The volunteer was a man experienced with dogs, but he must have soon regretted his act. Despite being given a head start, he was pursued, caught, and knocked down by the dog three times. This of course was a Bull Mastiff!

  • Size – 61cm – 73cm
  • Weight – 45kg 60kg
  • They live for 8-10 years

Best Trait – Loving Protector

Worst Trait – Drooling

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