Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers are intelligent, sweet and affectionate dogs, it is very difficult to believe these were bred to be vicious fighting dogs not as the American Gentlemen they are know as today, which is down to their marking resembling a tuxedo.

They make fantastic family pets and are brilliant with kids and the elderly. They will usually bond with one person slightly, so if you are looking for a one person dog or a great all round family pet, they won’t let you down. They will alway be snorting or gumbling around the house, they are very loveable and lively characters

They can do well in an flat or apartment, they still need a good walk daily and are playful so you will need plenty of time to play endless fetching games. They don’t tend to suffer with separation anxiety so can be left for short periods.

They are intelligent dogs but a litte stuboorn, you will need to discover their motivation reward early on for the best results but they should be fairly easy to train and work with.

They make for good little watchdogs and will always alert you to people at the door but aren’t known for being nuisance barkers. They can be a little standoffish with strangers at first but usually accepting once they are in the home, good socialisation as puppies will combat this.

They should be fine with other dogs, cats and small animals. They aren’t known for being aggressive but with terriers will rarely back down from a fight if attacked.

Boston Terriers have short coats but they still shed all the year round, weekly brushing will help combat this. They aren’t necessarily big droolers but they do slobber, common with dogs with short noses, they may have health and breathing issues because of this and they are known to snore and for some reason they seem to be rather gassy!

Boston Terrier Dog Stats

The Boston Terrier was developed in the United States and its ancestors were British Bulldogs and English White Terriers and bred to be fighting dogs, but these breeds were considerably different from those we know today.

  • Size – 30cm – 45cm
  • Weight – 7kg – 12kg
  • They live for 14-16 years

Best Trait – Sweet

Worst Trait – Health problems

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