Border Terrier


Border Terriers are small but slightly more laid back than your average terrier, but don’t be fooled they are still high energy and carry all the terrier traits as they are fearless hunters and love to dig.

They are sweet, good-natured and loyal dogs, playful and friendly with the family.

These terriers are playful and make for great family dogs, they need plenty of exercise so as long as you have an active and time to play outdoors and take them on a good daily walk, they are a fantastic addition to your family.

When boredom sets in, they will discover any holes to escape from or will happily use their time to dig up your garden. They need proper stimulation and plenty of fun activities out in the garden to keep them on the straight and narrow. They love to chase pretty much anything so they will probably be OK with cats brought up with them but, they will more than likely give the neighbourhood cats the run around.

They are small so they can be prone to overeating and some having obesity issues, daily exercise will keep them trim.

They are friendly and will get on great with other dogs, children and strangers. They make great watchdogs and will make you aware of any dangers approaching and pretty much anything going on.

Training can be a bit difficult, you will need to discover their reward motivation early and use it to your advantage. They love to please but they do have independent spirits so even a well trained terrier will totally ignore your commands at times, in favour of something much more fun.

They double coats with a short wiry top coat, they shed a little but they are easy to groom and a weekly brush will keep their hairs under control.

Border Terrier Dog Stats

John Robson founded the Border Hunt, around the border area between England and Scotland, which gave the terriers their name.

  • Weight -6kg –7kg
  • Size – 30cm – 37cm
  • They live for 14-16 years

Best Trait – Slightly more sensible terrier

Worst Trait – Digging

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