Bloodhounds are very active, intelligent and friendly dogs. Used by police and rescue services for their excellent sense of smell. The breed featured in the film Cool Hand Luke but was wrongly portrayed as being a bit lazy, when in fact these are very active and hard working dogs.

These are gentle and affectionate dogs, great with kids and make for great family pets as long as you can take them on long daily walks so, they can use their powerful scenting skills and keep them happy. These are not flat/apartment dogs.

However these guys drool and slobber around the house and are not great watchdogs as they love strangers as much as they love their family. They are also great around other dogs and animals.

A Bloodhound’s mixture of endurance and stubborn does not make them easy to train, you must discover their motivation reward early on to get the best results. They may be difficult to let off the lead as often once they get a scent , they tend to ignore all commands and instincts kick in.

There coats are short but they do shed quite a lot all year round, worse in spring and autumn. Daily or at least weekly brushing will help combat the hairs around the house.

Bloodhound Dog Stats

The Bloodhound is an ancient breed,  first taken to England from Normandy by William the Conqueror. The name Bloodhound is not for being ‘blood thirsty’, but from being a hound of pure blood (pure in breeding). They were bred from the Talbot Hound and the St Hubert Hound, but have been identified as the modern Bloodhound since the Middle Ages.

  • Size – 58cm – 69cm
  • Weight – 40kg -56kg
  • They live for 8-10 years

Best Trait – Gentle

Worst Trait –  Drooling

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