Bearded Collie


Bearded Collies originated in Scotland as cattle herders. They are full of energy and still make great working dogs as well as great family companions.

This enthusiastic breed is bright and very active, they love to bounce around and enjoy a waggy tail life however, they are intelligent and stubborn sometimes can be the right combination to cause trouble around the house and in the garden.

They are excellent with children with their high levels of energy and will spend hours playing and running around with the kids. They will tend to bounce around, due to their size they can cause a few injuries – only through love though!

Most herding breeds will have high intelligence to get their work done, with this normally comes independence and stubbornness. You must start training early, be confident and learn the best reward motivation for them to keep them engaged and try to avoid boring them with dull techniques or too much repetition.

Beardies love to be a watchdog, they enjoy a good bark so, all dangers and alerts will be covered when they are on watch. They do like to bark but as all dogs teach them not be a nuisance.

They are great with other dogs and will play and accept them, cats should be OK but their might be a tendency to try to heard them or have a little chase for some fun.

They are active dogs and require daily walking and love playing with Frisbee or catch games, they do not require as much exercise as some other breeds. They excel at agility, dog showing and other dog sports.

A shaggy dog is a messy dog, that beard will always drip around the house after a drink and their coats are long and prone to matting, they will need brushing once a day. They do shed and the hairs are long, if you are after a low maintenance dog, look elsewhere.

Bearded Collie Dog Stats

This breed orginated in Scotland dating back to around the sixteenth century

  • Weight -22kg –28kg
  • Size – 51cm – 56cm
  • They live for 13-15years

Best Trait – Great with other dogs

Worst Trait – High maintenance coat

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