Basset Hound


The ‘hush puppy’ dog, the Basset hound is a chilled-out, easy-going and kind-natured dog. They may be a little slow but they are still keen and active dogs.

They are muscular dogs but they will do their very best to become a lap dog. They were bred to hunt and have a amazing sense of smell and big paws. Their faces tend to look sad so be warned it is difficult to resist spoiling this breed.

They love to be with your family, laid-back and gentle with your children, because of this they hate being left alone for long periods, they will howl excessively so don’t get this breed if you are a full time working family. They were bred to be in packs so they get on great with with other dogs and pets.

They are a bit lazy so you must make sure they get daily exercise to avoid getting on the chunky side and obese before you know it! This can lead to leg problems so make sure they have a good walk, they are a little slow but they have excellent endurance so son’t be afraid to take them on a longer walk.

They can be difficult to train, so it’s important to discover their reward motivations early on and use these to persuade them to tow the line. They are stubborn and are slow on house training, give them time though and be patient, eventually they will get it. They are sensitive little dogs and will look even sadder if treated harshly.

They make reasonable watchdogs and will bark or alert you to incoming guests and dangers. Very friendly with strangers, greeting them with a waggy tail.

Their coats are short and they shed all year round, slightly more in the summer. They need to be brushed weekly to try and combat the shedding. These guys drool, sometimes a lot be prepared with a towel always handy.

Basset Hound Dog Stats

The word Basset is French and means ‘low-set’. The first detailed proof of the Basset’s existence was in 1585 where they were used as badger dogs.

  • Weight -18kg –25kg
  • Size – 33cm – 38cm
  • They live for 10-12 years

Best Trait – Chilled out

Worst Trait – Drooling

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