Australian Terrier


Hardy and tough, this little terrier, knows no fear and has no idea how small they really are. Bred to hunt snakes and rodents in their native Australia, this rough and ready character makes for an independent and lively companion.

They are high spirited and active little dogs who are attached to their families. They are good around children, not snappy but, they do have their limits to being pulled around so best avoided if you have young children.

They have lots of confidence and make great watchdogs, they will alert you to any dangers approaching and just about anything they spy going on, which needs reporting! They are normally a little wary of strangers, you want to socialise them early to combat this.

They can be trained fairly easily and are intelligent breeds. You will need to keep your training fun and different to keep them engaged, too much repetition and they will be off to find something more interesting. You will need to find their best motivation and use it to your advantage when training.

They maybe OK with other dogs but the same sex dogs are best avoided, they can be aggressive so, better off being the only dog in the household. They will put up with cats if brought up with them but the terrier in them will want to chase neighbourhood cats.

They are very playful and will need plenty of attention to avoid destructive ways, they are especially good at diging. They need daily exercise but slightly less than some of the other terrier breeds.

They have long shaggy coats which shed and little and require very little care other than a brush once a week.

Australian Terrier Dog Stats

Breed researchers believe that the Aussie Terrier is a mixture of other British Terriers who were brought to Australia, including the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, the Skye, the Yorkshire, and the Black and Tan Terrier.

  • Weight -7kg –10kg
  • Size – 25cm – 28cm
  • They live for 13-15years

Best Trait – Very little shedding

Worst Trait – Likes to dig

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