Australian Shepherd Dog


Australian Shepherd Dog is a hard working, intelligent and loyal breed. They can be great family dogs if, they are given plenty of activities to keep them occupied and out of trouble. They are perfect for running companions or at a agility classes, as long as they are busy, they are happy.

They need plenty of exercise and stimulation, if you have a large garden, you will need to keep them busy with ball games or jogging. This is a great breed for an active family with plenty of time for long walks. If you are looking for a great all rounder for dog sports, this breed will never let you down. They can become destructive or noisy if they become bored.

They can make get family pets and are good with kids, although they will probably try and herd them unless you teach them not to! They will want to be with you constantly and are loyal to the end.

They can be a little timid with strangers, usually polite but you will need to socialise them with lots of different people early on to avoid this.

They are OK around other dogs but can try to be dominant and will usually try to chase and herd the neighbourhood cats.

They are very intelligent and easy to train. They are widely used as hearing, assistance, police and rescue dogs. Working is at the heart of this breed, you could easily train your shepherd to help with chores around the house.

The shepherd does have long hair which sheds all year round, ,more in Spring and Autumn. They do need brushing at least once a week.

Australian Shepherd Dog Stats

Surprisingly the breed originated from the US around the 1840’s when the Gold-rush was in full swing, not in Australia as you would expect.

  • Weight -30kg – 65kg
  • Size – 43cm – 58cm
  • They live for 9-12 years

Best Trait – Very Loyal

Worst Trait – Needs lots of exercise & activities

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